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I just noticed a link between Planned Parenthood and the IRS.

It’s been reported by Gregory Korte at USA Today that Lois Lerner, the head of the IRS during the time it was targeting conservatives for special treatment, floated the targeting of Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter.Bristol had been paid $335,000 by Candie’s Foundation for spokesperson duties.

“Thoughts on the Bristol Palin issue?” and “I’m asking because I don’t know whether to send to Exam as a referral.” wrote Lerner to subordinates in 2011.

How banal. I just picture her, an important IRS director, looking out the window at lunch, and thinking “You know, I heard that Sarah Palin’s daughter got paid by some special tax status organization, maybe we should look into that….oh these olives are delish!”

Just as the executives at Planned Parenthood laughed and joked as they arranged fees for baby parts, without a thought to how over the line (and if you don’t believe there’s a line, stop reading) they had come to be.

People have pointed out that Planned Parenthood was only recovering costs for the process of preserving the baby parts for transport. This activity is more commonly referred to as the “I was just the guy that pulled the gold teeth out of the Jews heads after we gassed them” defense.

Regarding medical research, this is admittedly what’s called a “judgement call” (from back when judgement was considered a value), so I’m going to go with Dr. Ben Carson on this one when he said “Virtually everything that can be attributed to progress by using fetal tissue can also use other types of tissue…If it were the only way to do something and there was no other way, there might be an argument. But under these circumstances, there isn’t a legitimate argument.”

The only defense the IRS has offered is that there is no evidence of wrongdoing recoverable from Lois Lerner’s smashed hard drive.

This is the Conservative fear of the administrative state writ large; the inevitability that human beings become dwarfed by the machinery they wield, so they end up crushing people, figuratively and literally, without much thought or concern. The IRS is still holding up applications from conservative groups going on years now, and we’ve only seen half of the Planned Parenthood videos so far.

Progressives paint the big governmental Leviathan as a cute puppy that can fetch your slippers and always be there for you. In reality, it’s a dingo, and it eats babies.

dingo teeth

Hillary’s Coming Out

Hillary smiling

Hillary Clinton will be the real, true, first Jewish President, based on her campaign speech today from Roosevelt Island, NY. She wrapped up this last week of campaigning with the gift of a giant bag of chutzpa, warning her audience that Prosperity can’t be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers. Democracy can’t be just for billionaires and corporations“.

Folks, let’s back up a second. Hillary Clinton spent the years of her tenure at the State Department selling favors for cash donations to her personal foundation. How do we know? Because when her communications were subpoenaed, she destroyed half the evidence. Then there is all the rest; Bill’s speeches, cash, arms sales, mining licenses, sales to Iran, and on and on.

Prosperity can’t be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers says the blue collar hard working woman from Illinois who’s foundation has taken in almost $2 billion, with $260 million in 2013 alone?

“Prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain, too.” she said. Are you  kidding me? I don’t know how well prosperity and democracy fares under a leader who takes bribes. What do you think happened to the information on Hillary’s server? Do you think hackers were probing that thing from time to time? Do you think maybe it’s possible that the Chinese and/or Putin had drills all over it, going after that data? Do you think that information could be held over Hillary’s head by some foreign entity who fails to buy into her reset? (btw, as an aside, search YouTube for Hillary meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to give him that ridiculous Reset button. When he points out to her “You got it wrong” Hillary repeats “I got it wrong” IN A FAKE RUSSIAN ACCENT. Nice. That’s a dingleheaded move, I don’t care who you are.) UPDATE: On further reflection, perhaps Hillary was “mirroring”, a sales technique that works when used properly, not when you suddenly fake the other guy’s accent. Fer Pete’s damn sake.

There is nothing wrong with Bill Clinton getting paid to make speeches. There is something horribly wrong when his wife as Secretary of State makes decisions based on whether a country has paid tribute.

Hastert cops

We pause for a palette cleanser. Dennis Hastart, an ex-Republican politician out of office for eight years, is facing prison time for withdrawing $1.7 million of his own money from the bank to pay off a blackmailer and not informing the government of the purpose of his withdrawals. The FBI got ‘im. See photo above. Let THAT sink in.

The size of the Clinton fraud is staggering, but the money involved is only secondary. As a junior senator from New York she was just practicing, introducing a bill that gave a Clinton Foundation donor tax-exempt bonds to build a mall. But as Secretary of State who knows what damage she’s done? What did Putin already know before he invaded Ukraine? Who knows what the Chinese knew before they started building a brand new island 600 miles beyond their natural border? Hillary Clinton turned the State Department into a swap-meet, destroying our credibility as either a negotiating partner or resolute foe, and all right under the nose of the President.

In 1929, Secretary of the Interior Albert Bacon Fall went to prison for accepting a $1.3 million dollar bribe in today’s money. He gave government mining leases away without competitive bids. It was called the biggest scandal in American history up to that time and was named Teapot Dome. Thems were the good old days.


I think the thing I find most amazing about this whole contrived show is that so many people are playing along; the media continue to allow her to pursue her campaign, with the only voices of accountability coming from talk radio. Hillary is a fraud on every level; her story, her priorities, her honesty, her abilities. She doesn’t defend women’s anything. She’s a professional candidate, like Barack. She’s achieved nothing but desires everything; all that it takes is a good story about her feelings. Next she’ll be telling you stories about her mother. She’s done nothing but maneuver her life closer and closer to the Presidency, ruining things as she’s touched them.

She asks “Wouldn’t it be great to have a woman in the White House?” If I was Caitlyn Jenner I’d be insulted. If Hillary espoused rational economic policies, or rejected progressive socialism, or showed the slightest aptitude in foreign affairs there would be something to hang your hat on, but there’s nothing going on here except ambition.

And so 2007 repeats itself, with another incompetent and this time dishonest Democratic candidate who will tell us their dreams and hopes, and the Chris Matthews’s will kvell at the amazingness of being THIS CLOSE TO MAKING HISTORY.

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Meanwhile ISIS molts like a fungus becoming more deadly every day, China extends it’s territory to the coasts of Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, Vladimir Putin chews away at Eastern Europe, and our allies sit in wonderment at the idiocracy that has overtaken us.


Looking Backwards

When I was a kid, it was the 1960’s and hippies seemed to be everywhere. At least, that’s what the New York Times told us. “Don’t trust anyone over 30” was an appeal to ignorance masked as purity of intentions. Implicit in everything the hippes said politically was the message “We can do it better”.

We can do it better, they promised; we can stop wars because we see that wars are bad for not just children, but plants and animals, too.

I remember John Kerry droning on in front of Congress
about how American monster-soldiers were disembowling
innocent Vietnamese civilians and the implication was
that someday….someday soon….the John Kerry’s of the
world would take over and everything would get set right.


John Kerry suffering the daily pain of his war wounds.

And here we are today. John Kerry is Secretary of State,
and he presides over a process that 97% of climate
scientists agree will do nothing to prevent Iran from
going nuclear. He replaces Mrs. Clinton, who’s criminal
abuse of her office helped lurch the world another step
closer to WWIII. (Let’s be real, folks: Hillary Clinton
has used the office of Secretary of State to leverage
speaking engagement fees for her husband from
corporations and governments that have business before
the State Department…to the tune of hundreds of
millions of dollars. We know this because she routed all
her official communication through her home, then
destroyed half of her data when it was subpoenaed.) This
process has reduced our State Department to the level of
rug merchants, which may be why John Kerry has time to
break his leg while bike riding through the Alps in the
middle of his Iran negotiations.

These people finally got power and they have really
screwed the pooch. I managed to live long enough to see
the people in the 1960’s that swore they could do a
better job turn out to be grossly incompetant AND
corrupt. In the case of Mr. Kerry just incompetant.
Staggeringly incompetant. Behind the leadership of their
President they have turned the concept of allies and
adversaries on it’s head. Literally. While President Obama’s policy in Iraq is handing a third of the country to Iran and a third to Isis, he is
on Israeli television lecturing the Israelis about their
own ethical standards.

I wish I was making this up.

But let me be clear, I DO NOT BLAME BARACK OBAMA. Why?
Because he’s just a kid. He’s the child of John Kerry and Hillary Rodham and Frank Marshall Davis and William Ayres and Valerie Jarrett and the unnamed
Marxist professors who’s philosophy Obama has never disavowed.


No, it’s not Obama’s fault, it’s the fault of the adults
who have anabled him and continue to enable him. If
Hillary was a woman of integrity, she could have demanded
different tactics, she could have protected our
relationships, she could have used the media to warn the
public, she could have resigned. If John Kerry actually
possessed an ounce of courage, he could make clear to the
President that the farce of negotiating with Iran just
plays out the clock toward them going nuclear, and demand
we take action, not just in Iran but in support of
Eastern Europe against Russia and against China off the
coast of the Phillipines. He could demand action or
resign. He could go to the press.

These are supposed to be The Wise Ones. But here we are,
a lifetime away from the 1960’s, and they finally got the
White House. The hippies and their kids are in the building, and they have no clue what they’re doing.

A suggestion to the President concerning Iran


World events sometimes do hinge on the actions of one person. Until recently,  the Presidency of the United States was the most powerful office in the world; by 2009, America had liberated Iraq, introduced democratic concepts to 26 million people, and had a shaky but stable tri-ethnic Arab country in a clear counterpoint to Iran. We needed to leave a small force on the ground to protect the Iraqi people and show our resolve to the minority of malcontents and religious zealots that always lurk at the edges of such things.

And all this was known at the time. We were even warned by our own generals, in front of Congress, on TV, of the bloodbaths should we pull out.

But Barack Obama had a different vision. He had never served in the military, he had apparently never studied military history, he had no close associates in his family or in Valerie Jarrett who had any military experience, in fact he had never written a word on historical events other than his own childhood and his dreams. But Barack Obama believed that he could just be done with Iraq, bring the troops home, let Iraq go wherever countries go after the U.S. pulls out;  if you bring our soldiers home then that means the war is over, like tapping out in MMA fighting. He decided that Iraq was so stable that he could do the opposite of what his generals advised, of what historians were saying all over the media, of what the average person would say if given the facts.  We were asked to trust his vision.

Now, as the region erupts in a religious war of unspeakable barbarity, as Russia ratchets up the danger with missile shipments to Iran, as our window of recourse slides ever narrower, we’re asked to trust our President’s vision again. This time he has decided that his job, what America needs to do, is to get Iran to sign a peace paper.

I forgive America. I forgive my liberal friends for falling into the warm embrace of socially conscious voting when they put this unprepared and disinterested man in the office. It was a meaningful act for many of my friends, amplified by the media megaphone to heavenly heights.

But there’s a real world out there, friends. The chance of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem surviving an all out Shia/Sunni conflagration is pretty poor. Arab civilian deaths will be in the millions. The remaining Christians will be massacred. This is what Obama has presided over. This is what a power vacuum does.

Needless to say, the environmental impact could  be severe.

At this point in history, we should be leading the fight against Iran. I don’t know if it’s the proper chess move in the Grand Game of Middle Eastern politics, and maybe it’s kind of a “go fight the bad guys” cliche, but it sure seems to make more sense than Obama’s plan to lock America into a ten year contract with the very regime we should be trying to destroy.

85% of the world’s Muslims are Sunni, lucky for us. Saudi Arabia is Sunni, Jordan is Sunni. In fact, Iran is the ONLY country that is Shia majority. If you look at a map, Iran is IT. And Iran used to be our ally. Under the Shah, Iran was westernized, religious but tolerant, and had bad taste, (remember all those wild disco clubs in the 70’s all over America that were built inside fake spaceships and mushrooms? Built by Iranian design firms). Iranians even took to the streets in 2009 under the mistaken assumption that when Obama said “freedom and dignity” that he meant freedom and dignity for THEM, not their Ayatollahs.

Step One. We need to pour 30,000 troops into Baghdad now. We need to land 20,000 troops into Kurdish Iraq now. Liberate Iraq, AGAIN.

Step Two. We need to leave ISIS in Syria for Assad to deal with. Syria is 70% Sunni. He will have to choose between Iran, or ISIS or a U.S. led Sunni coalition. If he chooses us; he defeats ISIS. If he sticks with Iran, we leave him to get eaten.

Finally, we support a New Iranian Revolution. When they take to the streets, bring overwhelming force to the sea and air, pour support to the people, and help them overthrow these madmen running their country.

We need to announce our plans to the world, be clear and plain.

Or, we can just sort of hang out and see what happens. If we do nothing for the next 18 months, events will continue to accrue faster and faster, and our opportunity to stop WWIII will likely dwindle to zero; Russia is jumping in as we speak because Putin knows Obama’s dreams, too.

Please Mr. President, wake up and smell the coffee; your legacy is about to become the worst nightmare you ever had. I beg my liberal friends to voice their concerns and join the voices of reason and experience; this man’s vision is wrong.

Mr. President, reverse your foreign policy now.


Why does God let certain men be Popes?

Pope Francis

The headline of the article in the Independent UK ran “Pope embraces girl who asks “Why does God allow children to be prostitutes?””

“Because”, I answered to myself, “God is fighting for the souls of the traffickers and pimps; God is fighting the Devil for their souls”.

That seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it?

I’m an atheist. I don’t have a god in this fight. But that doesn’t stop me from respecting Christian doctrine, particularly the Ten Commandments, and the precise and simple guide they provide for pulling civilization out of chaos. Jesus Christ later fleshed out the Commandments with parables, as rabbis typically do.

Popes work that way, in part. Like Jesus, Popes guide the flock, and give them answers to their spiritual questions. They also run the Vatican, and Pope Francis seems to be bringing down the hammer on corruption and entrenched interests.

The Pope is also venturing into economic activism, with his lifting of John Paul’s restriction on “liberation theology”, a Marxist influenced strain of Catholicism that emerged from Latin America sometime in the 1970’s. This is potentially very troubling, as Marxism is Godless; without the restraints of a God given right to individual freedom and choice.

It’s for this reason that I looked eagerly for the Pope’s response to the little girl’s question. Because I suspected that whatever his answer, it would differ from my own. And it did. “She is the only one who has put forward a question for which there is no answer.”

Really? Is that all ya got? No answer?

Later in his visit to the Philippines he railed against the “scandalous social inequalities”. I think it’s wonderful that the Pope is redirecting the Church to charitable works. I think Christ taught that each of us should help the poor and less fortunate. The tricky thing is when Christ is used to justify State apportionment of wealth, which is where I believe this Pope is headed.

Marxism has always been the enemy of God. The two are actually quite incompatible; Marxism depends on the individual subsuming himself to the State, while God confers dignity and freedom as a right that is independent of the State.

So when Pope Francis couldn’t answer the little girl’s question about evil, I think he may have revealed more than he imagined.