Why does God let certain men be Popes?

Pope Francis

The headline of the article in the Independent UK ran “Pope embraces girl who asks “Why does God allow children to be prostitutes?””

“Because”, I answered to myself, “God is fighting for the souls of the traffickers and pimps; God is fighting the Devil for their souls”.

That seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it?

I’m an atheist. I don’t have a god in this fight. But that doesn’t stop me from respecting Christian doctrine, particularly the Ten Commandments, and the precise and simple guide they provide for pulling civilization out of chaos. Jesus Christ later fleshed out the Commandments with parables, as rabbis typically do.

Popes work that way, in part. Like Jesus, Popes guide the flock, and give them answers to their spiritual questions. They also run the Vatican, and Pope Francis seems to be bringing down the hammer on corruption and entrenched interests.

The Pope is also venturing into economic activism, with his lifting of John Paul’s restriction on “liberation theology”, a Marxist influenced strain of Catholicism that emerged from Latin America sometime in the 1970’s. This is potentially very troubling, as Marxism is Godless; without the restraints of a God given right to individual freedom and choice.

It’s for this reason that I looked eagerly for the Pope’s response to the little girl’s question. Because I suspected that whatever his answer, it would differ from my own. And it did. “She is the only one who has put forward a question for which there is no answer.”

Really? Is that all ya got? No answer?

Later in his visit to the Philippines he railed against the “scandalous social inequalities”. I think it’s wonderful that the Pope is redirecting the Church to charitable works. I think Christ taught that each of us should help the poor and less fortunate. The tricky thing is when Christ is used to justify State apportionment of wealth, which is where I believe this Pope is headed.

Marxism has always been the enemy of God. The two are actually quite incompatible; Marxism depends on the individual subsuming himself to the State, while God confers dignity and freedom as a right that is independent of the State.

So when Pope Francis couldn’t answer the little girl’s question about evil, I think he may have revealed more than he imagined.