A suggestion to the President concerning Iran


World events sometimes do hinge on the actions of one person. Until recently,  the Presidency of the United States was the most powerful office in the world; by 2009, America had liberated Iraq, introduced democratic concepts to 26 million people, and had a shaky but stable tri-ethnic Arab country in a clear counterpoint to Iran. We needed to leave a small force on the ground to protect the Iraqi people and show our resolve to the minority of malcontents and religious zealots that always lurk at the edges of such things.

And all this was known at the time. We were even warned by our own generals, in front of Congress, on TV, of the bloodbaths should we pull out.

But Barack Obama had a different vision. He had never served in the military, he had apparently never studied military history, he had no close associates in his family or in Valerie Jarrett who had any military experience, in fact he had never written a word on historical events other than his own childhood and his dreams. But Barack Obama believed that he could just be done with Iraq, bring the troops home, let Iraq go wherever countries go after the U.S. pulls out;  if you bring our soldiers home then that means the war is over, like tapping out in MMA fighting. He decided that Iraq was so stable that he could do the opposite of what his generals advised, of what historians were saying all over the media, of what the average person would say if given the facts.  We were asked to trust his vision.

Now, as the region erupts in a religious war of unspeakable barbarity, as Russia ratchets up the danger with missile shipments to Iran, as our window of recourse slides ever narrower, we’re asked to trust our President’s vision again. This time he has decided that his job, what America needs to do, is to get Iran to sign a peace paper.

I forgive America. I forgive my liberal friends for falling into the warm embrace of socially conscious voting when they put this unprepared and disinterested man in the office. It was a meaningful act for many of my friends, amplified by the media megaphone to heavenly heights.

But there’s a real world out there, friends. The chance of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem surviving an all out Shia/Sunni conflagration is pretty poor. Arab civilian deaths will be in the millions. The remaining Christians will be massacred. This is what Obama has presided over. This is what a power vacuum does.

Needless to say, the environmental impact could  be severe.

At this point in history, we should be leading the fight against Iran. I don’t know if it’s the proper chess move in the Grand Game of Middle Eastern politics, and maybe it’s kind of a “go fight the bad guys” cliche, but it sure seems to make more sense than Obama’s plan to lock America into a ten year contract with the very regime we should be trying to destroy.

85% of the world’s Muslims are Sunni, lucky for us. Saudi Arabia is Sunni, Jordan is Sunni. In fact, Iran is the ONLY country that is Shia majority. If you look at a map, Iran is IT. And Iran used to be our ally. Under the Shah, Iran was westernized, religious but tolerant, and had bad taste, (remember all those wild disco clubs in the 70’s all over America that were built inside fake spaceships and mushrooms? Built by Iranian design firms). Iranians even took to the streets in 2009 under the mistaken assumption that when Obama said “freedom and dignity” that he meant freedom and dignity for THEM, not their Ayatollahs.

Step One. We need to pour 30,000 troops into Baghdad now. We need to land 20,000 troops into Kurdish Iraq now. Liberate Iraq, AGAIN.

Step Two. We need to leave ISIS in Syria for Assad to deal with. Syria is 70% Sunni. He will have to choose between Iran, or ISIS or a U.S. led Sunni coalition. If he chooses us; he defeats ISIS. If he sticks with Iran, we leave him to get eaten.

Finally, we support a New Iranian Revolution. When they take to the streets, bring overwhelming force to the sea and air, pour support to the people, and help them overthrow these madmen running their country.

We need to announce our plans to the world, be clear and plain.

Or, we can just sort of hang out and see what happens. If we do nothing for the next 18 months, events will continue to accrue faster and faster, and our opportunity to stop WWIII will likely dwindle to zero; Russia is jumping in as we speak because Putin knows Obama’s dreams, too.

Please Mr. President, wake up and smell the coffee; your legacy is about to become the worst nightmare you ever had. I beg my liberal friends to voice their concerns and join the voices of reason and experience; this man’s vision is wrong.

Mr. President, reverse your foreign policy now.