Looking Backwards

When I was a kid, it was the 1960’s and hippies seemed to be everywhere. At least, that’s what the New York Times told us. “Don’t trust anyone over 30” was an appeal to ignorance masked as purity of intentions. Implicit in everything the hippes said politically was the message “We can do it better”.

We can do it better, they promised; we can stop wars because we see that wars are bad for not just children, but plants and animals, too.

I remember John Kerry droning on in front of Congress
about how American monster-soldiers were disembowling
innocent Vietnamese civilians and the implication was
that someday….someday soon….the John Kerry’s of the
world would take over and everything would get set right.


John Kerry suffering the daily pain of his war wounds.

And here we are today. John Kerry is Secretary of State,
and he presides over a process that 97% of climate
scientists agree will do nothing to prevent Iran from
going nuclear. He replaces Mrs. Clinton, who’s criminal
abuse of her office helped lurch the world another step
closer to WWIII. (Let’s be real, folks: Hillary Clinton
has used the office of Secretary of State to leverage
speaking engagement fees for her husband from
corporations and governments that have business before
the State Department…to the tune of hundreds of
millions of dollars. We know this because she routed all
her official communication through her home, then
destroyed half of her data when it was subpoenaed.) This
process has reduced our State Department to the level of
rug merchants, which may be why John Kerry has time to
break his leg while bike riding through the Alps in the
middle of his Iran negotiations.

These people finally got power and they have really
screwed the pooch. I managed to live long enough to see
the people in the 1960’s that swore they could do a
better job turn out to be grossly incompetant AND
corrupt. In the case of Mr. Kerry just incompetant.
Staggeringly incompetant. Behind the leadership of their
President they have turned the concept of allies and
adversaries on it’s head. Literally. While President Obama’s policy in Iraq is handing a third of the country to Iran and a third to Isis, he is
on Israeli television lecturing the Israelis about their
own ethical standards.

I wish I was making this up.

But let me be clear, I DO NOT BLAME BARACK OBAMA. Why?
Because he’s just a kid. He’s the child of John Kerry and Hillary Rodham and Frank Marshall Davis and William Ayres and Valerie Jarrett and the unnamed
Marxist professors who’s philosophy Obama has never disavowed.


No, it’s not Obama’s fault, it’s the fault of the adults
who have anabled him and continue to enable him. If
Hillary was a woman of integrity, she could have demanded
different tactics, she could have protected our
relationships, she could have used the media to warn the
public, she could have resigned. If John Kerry actually
possessed an ounce of courage, he could make clear to the
President that the farce of negotiating with Iran just
plays out the clock toward them going nuclear, and demand
we take action, not just in Iran but in support of
Eastern Europe against Russia and against China off the
coast of the Phillipines. He could demand action or
resign. He could go to the press.

These are supposed to be The Wise Ones. But here we are,
a lifetime away from the 1960’s, and they finally got the
White House. The hippies and their kids are in the building, and they have no clue what they’re doing.

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